UK Casino Reviews Just for You

We have made it our mission to create a list of UK casino reviews that tell the people who want to play online casino games what their options are. We do not provide you with a simple list telling you which casino ranked highest in our views. We give you details of how we tested the games, the software, the deposit methods, and more. We also provide you with information concerning the history of the casino, what country they are registered in, and what other players think about them.

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Our goal is to make it easy for you to choose a casino to play in.

The Rating System for our UK Casino Reviews

We start the review by looking for a valid license. Each casino should be licensed and registered in the country they are from. Our list only includes those that are 100% licensed and certified by the UK Gambling Commission.

We consider the following when we evaluate an online casino for our UK casino reviews list.

The Games they Offer

Players go to these online gaming websites to play games. They want to see a wide variety of games so they can play their favorites, and so they can try new games. We look for casinos that offer a wide variety of games, and ones that offer the classic casino games like roulette in different styles and formations.

The Bonus Packages

Almost all online casinos offer some type of bonus package. We look carefully at all of the rules and requirements concerning the bonuses that are offered to determine which of them have the most attractive bonus offers that will benefit our readers.

The Number of Returning Players they Have

If you want to play in a casino that is fair, fun, and offers things that people like, then play in one that has people who return to play in them. We check to see how many players play on the website repeatedly.

Software Considerations

We look at the software that the casino uses. We want to recommend websites that have modern software that will support the multiple kinds of devices that our readers may wish to use when they are playing. Some of the older gaming softwares are not compatible with some of the new remote devices like smart phones.

We also check to make sure the website is easy to navigate and understand. A player does not want to spend a long time trying to find the game they want to play. We like casino sites that are formatted to make it easy to find anything you need to find without a lot of hassle.

Do they offer live game play?

A lot of online gamers want to play against other online players. This makes the games more interesting for them. We are sure to include in our reviews whether a caino offers this type of play so you will know exactly which ones to visit to find live game action.

How Safe and Secure they are

When you are playing with real money then you cannot be too safe or have too many security checks in place. That is why we evaluate the license and certificates of the casino to make sure they are properly documented and registered. Then we check to make sure that there is sufficient encryption methods in place so that players will feel safe when they provide their financial information to the website.

We also check to make sure that the casino is fair about the games and the winnings of the players. We want to only recommend those casinos that have a reputation of playing fairly with their clients. We hire specialist who run random number generators and audits on the sites to determine if they are playing fair.

Deposit Options and Cost to Play

We check to see what funding sources the casino accepts. We like to be able to show our readers a list of major credit cards, e-wallets, and funding sources that the casino accepts so they do not waste their time getting excited about one that does not accept the funding source they have available to use.

We also check into the fees that the casino charges. Some casinos have fees for withdrawals, or fees for letting your money in your gaming account get too low. We want to tell our readers about all fees and regulations before they go to the casino to play.

Customer Support

A casino that does not offer excellent customer support to their players does not make our list of approved gaming websites. You should be playing games at casinos online that offer several methods for you to be able to reach their customer support staff. They should also be quick to respond to any questions their customers present to them, and they should be available most of the time to help a customer if they are having issues with anything related to their games or their webpages.

Bonuses & Promotions

Casino reviews always include the bonuses and promotions that each gaming site has to offer. Some of the bonuses can double the amount that you deposit. These bonuses and promotions are established to give players the incentive to play.

Our word of caution to you is to read all of the details about the bonuses and promotions to ascertain the requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for the bonuses and promotions. Some of the requirements are so strict that they make the bonus or promotion less attractive.